Do you shoot weddings?

I have been asked this question several times. After shooting different liturgical ceremonies, many people have asked me if I shoot Catholic weddings, and the short answer is... unfortunately not. It's not my specialty. I’m mainly a liturgical photographer, which sometimes includes portraits (mostly for the clergy). Liturgical photography involves knowledge of the mass and the different parts and aspects of the liturgy, whether is the Traditional Latin Mass or the Novus Ordo Missæ. After a while, it becomes a repetitive, rigid, and well-structured process. This might sound as if, with those skills, a wedding would be no problem. Right? Well... not really.

Wedding photography requires so much effort and dedication! I have decided not to shoot weddings for a simple reasonmy skills are best suited for other (less stressful) genres of photography. To be completely honest, I'm still working on those skills needed to master such a delicate mission. What I do is mostly pro-bono and as a hobby, which takes away the endless amount of stress!

My hat goes off to those experience and skilled wedding photographers who can capture the beauty of a Catholic wedding! It requires an unbelievable amount of skill, knowledge, and creativity.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration!